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Agent Smith and the Desert Execution

Book 2 in the Sam Smith Adventure Series

Barely out of her training as a secret service agent, Sam Smith is sent to the corrupt oil state of Keristan, where a leading BBC TV reporter has been sentenced to death for merely doing her job.

Sam’s mission is to assist a local British agent mount a rescue attempt while in the guise of an actress with a troupe of Shakespearian actors. Her role changes dramatically when she finds her contact murdered. Now the journalist’s life depends on Sam’s ability to come up with a plan. To help her the secret service have sent out Malcolm, an actor with a remarkable physical resemblance to the despotic King who ordered the journalist’s death. Unfortunately Malcolm is an irresponsible moron and a bigamist to boot. Keeping him in check while planning an audacious break in to release the condemned woman from the King’s stronghold proves a baptism of fire for the rookie agent.

Agent Smith and the Desert Execution is the second book in the Sam Smith Mystery Series and can be read as a stand-alone.