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Agent Smith Drops into the Kremlin

Book 4 in the Sam Smith Adventure Series

Wealthy Russians living in the UK, opposed to President Putin’s continuing dominance of political power, are being murdered by hit squads sent to Britain. Returning to the Secret Service Undercover Unit after her unsuccessful attempt at a full-time acting career, Sam Smith finds herself caught up in a desperate plan to prevent further assassinations by planting a bugging device in the Kremlin.

At first glance, the task of breaking into Russia’s seat of power looks like a suicide mission, but help is at hand from a most unlikely source – BALTI. Sam’s boss has engaged the British Advanced Lateral Thinking Institute, to devise unconventional strategies to overcome the formidable odds facing the unit. The eccentric Professor Berwick Salomé and his equally strange engineer wife, Cherry, come up with a number of schemes, including a method of interrogation involving a polar bear, a tiger and a harrowing audio recording.

This is just the start of Agent Sam Smith’s adventures as she enlists the aid of a cheese smuggler and a highly promiscuous male agent, to help her carry out her mission in Moscow while at the same time, attempting to rescue her former lover from execution.

Agent Smith Drops into the Kremlin is the fourth book in the Sam Smith Adventure Series and can be read as a stand-alone.