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Miss Smith Commits the Perfect Crime?

Book 1 in the Sam Smith Adventure Series

Recovering from a brutal attack where she was savagely raped, university student Sam Smith attempts to rebuild her life and overcome the ongoing effects of her ordeal. Her ultimate goal is to bring her assailant to justice, but before she can do so her life and loves take a series of intriguing turns as she continues her sometimes unconventional education. Eventually, she is able to identify her attacker and decides to exact retribution in her own particular style, but during her preparations, Sam becomes aware that her every move is being tracked by a mysterious organization. To avoid detection by the police and also her hidden watchers, Sam Smith attempts to commit the perfect crime. However, in the aftermath of her vigilante action events change rapidly to bring about a most unexpected outcome.

Miss Smith Commits the Perfect Crime? is the first book in the Sam Smith Adventure Series and can be read as a standalone.

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