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Agent Smith Becomes a Royal Ringer

Book 5 in the Sam Smith Adventure Series

This latest book in the Sam Smith franchise is a fast-moving adventure with a touch of British whimsical humour.

The story starts when Agent Smith and a colleague impersonate two minor members of the British Royal Family at a celebration banquet. Unfortunately, what begins as one simple engagement proved so successful that the couple is forced to continue carrying out further royal duties. Posing as the Duke and Duchess of Lincoln they embark on a number of engagements, but Sam finds that someone is out to kill the woman she is replacing. With the assistance of an inept trainee agent and a car thief, she uncovers a web of blackmail and murder. To add to her troubles there is friction at home with her lover, the pianist, Christopher Deschamps. Meanwhile, the undercover department is under attack from a pernicious, new enemy: the civil service accounts department.

Agent Smith Becomes a Royal Ringer is the fifth book in the Sam Smith Mystery Series and can be read as a stand-alone.