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Guy Rolands

Author of the Sam Smith Series

I’m a great admirer of the books of the Stieg Larsson. The Millennium Trilogy with its misfit heroine Lisbeth Salander is a great read from start to finish. I wondered if I could create an interesting heroine who was physically more capable and more attractive. My imagination ran riot when I mentally merged the looks of a gorgeous dancer I once encountered with the skills of a deadly female WW2 French Resistance agent I had read about who killed her enemies with her bare hands. The result is my heroine Sam Smith: beautiful but deadly.

It’s all the fault of my daughter, the best selling author Jules Wake, for inspiring me (or perhaps ordering me might be more accurate) to get my ideas down on paper, while recovering from a broken foot. I can honestly claim that I actually taught my daughter to write, but as she was only four years old at the time, sadly I cannot claim credit for her literary style and subsequent success.

I am planning to issue further books in the Sam Smith series and details will be published on this website.